• If you prepare well for an Investor Meeting, you maximize your chances of getting the Investment you need.
  • While you may have a great idea, it is almost as important for you to have the right set of tools to engage with the potential investors.
  • At HaveMoreSales we do just that through our Investor Webinar Package.

  • We use our multi-channel Marketing Platform to create the Most Effective way to get your company message heard.
Investor Meeting

We offer a wide Range of Investor Services

Data Solutions
Data Solutions

Your Journey to Find the Right Investor starts with finding the right Prospect. Use our Strong Set-up of Data Solutions to Target the Right Prospects.

1.   500 M B2B Records
2.  70% with Validated Emails
3.  60% with Validated Phone numbers.
4.  C-Level Direct Prospects with Direct Emails

Targeted Webinars
Targeted Webinars

With a fool-proof 6-Step Process employed by HaveMoreSales to set up Investor Webinars, it makes the management of Investor Meetings easy. We offer a comprehensive array of services including platform support, audience acquisition, providing subject matter expert speakers, moderation, reporting, and lead nurturing on the webinar attendees.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

A Well-built Inhouse and Integrated System of Multi-Channel Marketing tools enable Businesses to leave the Hard Job of generating leads to HaveMoreSales and focus on their core business itself.

1.  Email, SMS, Call Center,
2.  Newsletter Advertising
3.  Sales, lead generation, filling webinar seats
4.  Social Media content/message broadcasts

On Demand Services
On Demand Services

HaveMoreSales understands the Complexity of closing deals. ‘Our On-Demand CMO’ and ‘On-Demand Salespeople’ Services provide that much needed cutting-edge marketing expertise on a month-to-month format controlling your expenses that is aligned with your business goals and growth objectives.

Advantages of Our Investor Webinar Package

  • Direct Contact with your Target Group
  • Reach your Target Group both Live and afterwards.
  • Enhanced Brand value
  • A great source of High-Quality Sales leads
  • Build Stronger, Lasting Business relationships
Investor Webinar
Potential Investors

We Find Potential Investors Through the Lists of

  • Venture Capitalists
  • Angel Investors
  • Accredited Investors
  • Private Equity Investors
  • General Investors
  • General Investors

  • Family Office

Our Investor Webinar Package Includes

  • Webinar Setup
  • Webinar Hosting (optional)
  • Finding Relevant Target Audience
  • Inviting the Target Audience
  • Promotion of the Webinar Event
  • Technical assistance prior to and during the webinar
  • Recording of the webinar
  • Managing the Webinar Chat and Q&A
  • Detailed report on the Attendees
  • Absentee listing
Basic Plan


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Key Benefits of HaveMoreSales Investor Services

  • Core Competence of Organizing and Managing Investor Meetings
  • Multi-channel Marketing Platform backed by a Sound Technological Structure
  • Managing Large Scale Projects involving end-to-end solutions
  • Multi-level Operational Capabilities
  • Global Presence
  • Flexible Pricing

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